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thoughts on my neuro-divergent experiences

about anonymous autistic

NOTE: a lot of the pages and links in the first blog are works in progress and not yet public.

I am autistic…

– arguably I have Asperger’s, which is a disputed diagnosis, or outdated term.

I am on the autistic spectrum.

Actually, I’m on the waiting list for a diagnosis…at 32, hence the anonymous entry(ies): I feel it’s not appropriate to say I have autism until diagnosed as such (this is a part of my need for logic and correctness).

Yet I’m writing this because I need to.

I want this blog to be a space where I can explain my experiences.

If you have advice or kind words for me they are welcome.

If you are here to get an idea if someone out in the wide world has similar experiences to you, to know you are not alone, you are most welcome too.

NOTE: Those comments I make using [  ] represent elements relating directly to ASD.

Further, due to the nature of autism, my site attempts to be sensory-sensitivity friendly….feel free to contact me with feedback on the sites aesthetics.